BLOG_1 (INTRODUCTION) / by Hassan Goss

With this being the first blog I've ever written, I want to start with a brief introduction and where I'm at right now, as well as where I want to be in the near future.

My name is Hassan Goss but my business name is "Tatum Goss" for many good reasons. First reason being that it is much more easier to pronounce instead of trying to sound out my real name to people, It's also my middle name which is convenient and is technically still my name. I don't like to use my first name (Hassan) because people say it wrong, or don't understand and in an industry or career where you need to be remembered, I'd prefer to use something simple. I am a photographer / videographer and whatever comes in between those based in Atlanta, Georgia but will not turn the opportunities of traveling and living in other states / countries. I started with video and broadcasting media in high school which was interesting because it wasn't my first career choice. During those times in high school dealing with cameras and audio, I slowly gained an interest in cameras and creativity. On my 16th birthday, my mom gifted me a camera (a Canon T3 to be specific) and from that moment, I am where I wanted to be now. Of course I failed a couple of times and didn't do something correctly but I never let those failures get to me that much. Throughout my photo journey, I experimented with many styles and looks but slowly gravitated towards a modern / street / minimalistic look which kinda plays alongside my introverted nature. 2 years ago, I enrolled in a photo program that was great. The program taught me so much more about photography, business, editing, etc. Learning so much more about photography really taught me so much about the technical aspect but as well as how to grow creatively as well which is something that a lot of us need in this business. We can learn everything about the camera, business, and marketing but we creativity is 90% of this entire thing. As of now (August 2018) I'm back in school and majoring in film and media learning about being behind the camera in the film and video world. I will still be behind a camera which I will always love. Hopefully I will get hired full time on someones movie set as soon as I graduate and I believe I can do, we'll just have to wait and see